About Us

So What Does RKC Stand For? 

Its The Initials Of Our Children


R= Rebecca, Romero (Francisco's last name), Rae (Darci's middle name)

K= Katelyn

C= Claudia and Collin

Sorry Sandra We Created This Name Before You Came Into The Family.


CO-OWNERS PEGGY AND JEREMY HAVE OWNED RKC SLEEP SHOP FOR 26 YEARS.  Peggy and Jeremy began the business on November 4th, 1995 in their Beaverton apartment.  They sold beds out of their apt and house for the next 14 years till they got their first store on King Rd in 2009.  While it was a small 650 sq ft store they worked hard and made it a success. In October of 2016 they moved into their current location which is a 3100 sq ft warehouse, where they have more than 50 products on display.  Peggy and Jeremy have lived in Milwaukie for 25 years and have raised 8 children.  In 2022 we celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. 

Sister: SAM was born into the mattress family and spent the last 25 years moving mattresses with us.  She is very energetic and always has a smile on her face. Like all of our family when called on Sam will pitch in and help.

Son: FRANCISCO came to our family 11 years ago, and was immediately introduced to the mattress business, one of his first memories on the business is pushing a truck up hill in the snow, no chance we were getting out of that one. Today if you come to the West Side store there is a good chance you will see him sitting behind the desk. HE IS OUR SPANISH SPEAKER.

DAUGHTER: REBECCA talk about growing up in the industry during her first 10 years of life Rebecca spent more time in a truck delivering beds as she did in school. Pick her up from Kindergarten and her first question was home or delivery?  Today Rebecca can be seen around the store pitching in and contributing when possible.

DAUGHTER: KATELYN she also grew up in a truck, she developed a memory for 7-11's around the Portland area, she knew where they all were so I couldn't tell her there wasn't one near, she knew I was wrong. Come to our store and there's a good chance you will see her there. She graduated in 2017 from Milwaukie Academy Of Arts.

DAUGHTER: SANDRA is one of our newest members to the family she is eagerly learning the business. When we need help we call Sandra, she is one of the few who can lift a mattress on her own. Sandra graduated from Milwaukie Academy Of The Arts in 2018.

DAUGHTER: CLAUDIA grew up battling her sisters for time in the truck, as she gets older she is becoming more interested in the store. Claudia graduated from the Clackamas Web Academy in 2019. As with all of our children Claudia is very adventurous. Claudia is our new salesman, she is always around helping out. 

SON: COLLIN came into the family 6 years ago and is becoming interested in what we do.  Collin is always the first willing to pitch in and provide muscle when needed.  He currently attends High School as a 11th grader.

DAUGHTER: DARCI just enjoys hanging around the store, come in and you may see her, she loves talking to customers about anything you want to talk to her about.  Darci loves hanging with mom and dad as often as possible.

NEPHEW: JACKSON is our second youngest mattress man, he was truly born into the business and was working as soon as he could crawl. Come into the store and there is a good chance you will see him working as well.  Give him 5 years and he will be loading customer out!!!!

NIECE: TINSLEE runs the store on Sundays. She always has a smile on her face. She's our saleswoman in training! 

NEPHEW: LINCOLN is the newest addition to our family. His interests include sleeping and eating. Lincoln's favorite thing to say is "Hey Google".